John Bolton: Trump doesn’t need steroids to act this way — ‘this is how he normally is’

Certain members of the media have convinced themselves that President Trump has been acting out of character since his doctors treated him for coronavirus. But some would argue that Trump is just being his usual self, one of them being former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Bolton this Saturday if Trump’s latest antics in the wake of his release from Walter Reed reflected “the same person” Bolton saw on a day-to-day basis during his time at the White House, or if Trump has “changed.”

“No, I think it’s exactly the same behavior,” Bolton said. “He doesn’t need steroids to behave this way, that’s the way it normally is.”

“He tries to shape the world to be the way he wants it through his own rhetoric, by intimidating people, by denying facts, by creating facts,” Bolton continued, adding that if Trump is acting more triggered than usual, it’s because he’s under increased pressure from his dismal polling.

“He’s in trouble and he doesn’t have a strategy to turn it around.”

Blitzer asked Bolton why it’s so hard for Trump to simply tell Americans to wear to a mask. Bolton replied that there was never a strategy to mitigate the pandemic from the very beginning.

“He denied the reality of it, he denied there was a problem in China, and he denied the possibility that problem could come here,” Bolton said. “It’s the same approach: ‘if I say there’s no problem, if I say it’s gonna go away in the spring, it will go away in the spring.’ The virus didn’t get the memo, and we’re now paying the consequences.”

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