Johnny Depp’s attorney ditches Kanye West after he triples-down on antisemitism

Last week, TMZ reported that rapper Kanye West had hired Camille Vasquez and the Brown Rudnick firm to represent him in regards to his business interests, such as contracts and negotiations.

“As we reported, Kanye’s already lost one major partner in Balenciaga in the fallout from his continued anti-Semitic attacksclaims surrounding the death of George Floyd and when he wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt to his Yeezy fashion show,” TMZ’s report stated.

But according to a new report, the working relationship is over. Sources tell TMZ that Vasquez said she will no longer work with Kanye after he refused to retract his antisemitic remarks, and even tripled-down on them.

Her firm, Brown Rudnick, still attempted to work with Kanye, but only under the condition he publicly retract his antisemitic statements. Kanye refused and ultimately fired Brown Rudnick.

As for Kanye … all eyes are currently on Adidas and the billion-dollar partnership the two have created through his Yeezy shoe line. Many people have grown frustrated with Adidas refusal so far to denounce what Kanye has said and their continued relationship.

West recently hired Melinda Gates’ former divorce attorney to represent him in his ongoing divorce with Kim Kardashian.

Sky Palma

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