Come Again?

Kayleigh McEnany: When Trump was president, ‘you didn’t see crisis after crisis’

Speaking on Fox News PrimeTime this Tuesday, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that when Donald Trump was president, the country didn’t see “crisis after crisis.”

“We are eight months into a Biden presidency. Wrap your head around that. We still have three years and four months left,” McEnany said during a discussion about the dip in President Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

McEnany went on to slam Biden for the recent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. She also slammed him for failing to get a handle on the coronavirus pandemic.

“Look, when President Trump was president, you didn’t see crisis after crisis. You just didn’t see it,” McEnany said, adding, “I shudder to think about what COVID would have been like under Joe Biden.”

Unsurprisingly, McEnany’s claim didn’t go over so well with her critics on Twitter.

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