Kim Davis suggests a non-Christian’s claims to religious liberty are not ‘valid’

Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is hitting the talk show circuit in her new role as the current hero of religious extremists across America.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Davis suggested that only followers of the Christian religion have a valid religious liberty argument in America. Megyn Kelly patiently tried to explain to Davis just one of the legal reasons as to why her stance as a public official was so problematic:

“The argument on the other side is, ‘Well, if we’re going to give a religious accommodation to someone like Kim Davis then we’re going to give a religious accommodation to an untold number of people,'” Kelly said. “To Catholics who don’t want to issue a license to somebody who is divorced but was married in the Catholic church but didn’t get it annulled, to a Muslim clerk who doesn’t want to sanction the marriage of a Christian to a Muslim and so on. Can you understand that argument?”

“Well, I could if I thought it was a valid argument,” Davis replied. She then artlessly dodged the question by claiming Kelly was making it a racial issue, not a one-man one-woman issue.

“But other people and other religions, have their own definitions of marriage, and their own beliefs of who can and cannot marry. The critics say, this is a slippery slope, if we’re going to bend the law or rules for one person with one set of objections, we’re going to have to do it for a bunch of people with others,” Kelly continued.

What Kelly should have done (but didn’t) was to bring up the very simple reason that marriage equality is now legal in the first place: the 14th Amendment. That part of the United States Constitution guarantees equal protection under the letter of the law for everyone. In fact, it was created to protect the very people that folks like Kim Davis want to oppress

Davis, of course, continued with her fake Christian persecution schtick and went on to suggest that it was the rights of Christians that we should be worried about:

“So you have millions of Christians who object to the whole same-sex marriage issue. Are their rights invalid? Are their rights not worth anything?” Davis said.

No, Mrs. Davis, Christian rights are not invalid and they’re not being trampled on. That is what you don’t understand. You weren’t jailed for being a Christian. You were jailed for refusing to do your job and for forcing your religious beliefs into the public sphere via your office.

Watch a video clip of the full segment, via The New Civil Rights Movement:

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