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Latinos for Trump founder says Trump’s legal troubles are because he’s not used to ‘fighting in the spiritual realm’

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters is entertaining the notion that God is not too happy with him.


During an appearance on the The Jeff Dornik Show, Latinos for Trump president Bianca Garcia said that former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles are because he disappointed God — a problem that he should rectify through divine forgiveness.

“We see it. There are no faith leaders coming out of Mar-a-Lago right now, there’s nobody counseling him, his family, praying with him,” Garcia said. “They can’t just appear and go and knock on Mar-a-Lago. He needs to be the one to invite them in and say, ‘Look… this world has gone chaotic and it’s mad.'”

According to Garcia, Trump had somehow “offended the Lord” in “some big way,” prompting God to punish him with his 2020 election loss.

Gracia said Trump is “getting attacked” and having his “butt handed” to him because he didn’t surround himself with devoted evangelicals who understand he’s up against Satanic forces and who are “used to fighting principalities in a spiritual realm.”

“You need to go in the prayer closet,” Garcia advised Trump. “You need to find a closet, go get on your knees. Pray, and repent, for whatever it is, because you’ve offended the Lord.”

Gracia’s words reflect the most devoted and cultish of Trump’s base, namely a sect of evangelicals who firmly believe Trump is God’s “anointed” and was sent reinvigorate the religious right’s agenda. Some within this pro-Trump circle of evangelicals also use elements of the QAnon conspiracy theory in their predictions and “prophecies” about what’s in store for Trump’s future.

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