Come Again?

Lauren Boebert: Banning assault weapons will lead to people eating their dogs

During an interview on Sebastian Gorka’s Newsmax show, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert said that she knows something about Democrat policies since she “grew up in a Democrat household” and saw firsthand “how restrictive their policies are.”

“There’s not a lot of liberty under Democrat rule,” Boebert said. “If fact, it left us in breadlines waiting for government cheese, and I knew that was not America’s best at 11 years-old.”

Boebert went on to say that as she became a business owner and a mother, she saw the 2nd Amendment to be “the best line of defense to make sure everyone was kept safe in my establishment.”

“Now, I’m a petite woman and I need an equalizer … to protect me against a larger potential aggressor, and when Beto O’Rourke told the world the Democrat playbook — ‘Hells yes, we intend to take your AR-15s and your AK-47s’ — I was compelled to go to him because I saw that a disarmed populace — if the citizenry is America is disarmed, then we are no longer citizens, we are subjects.”

“You know, here in America, we have gourmet treats for puppies, we have these amazing groomers for dogs,” she continued. “Well, in Venezuela, they eat the dogs, and it started because they don’t have firearms.”

Watch the video below:

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