Lindsey Graham just showed Republicans how you answer a Donald Trump question on Fox

Appearing on Fox & Friends this Wednesday, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham addressed the surging popularity of Donald Trump in certain polls, when host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked if there was “something to be taken away” in Trump’s “straight talk.”

“Do you believe there’s something to be learned for the Republican candidates from the style of Donald Trump? Because people are responding to his straight talk,” Hasselbeck said.

Graham said that he understands the public’s frustration with politics and why they’d gravitate to a personality like Trump’s because the “system is so broken.”

“But it’s not straight talk to say that most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. … It’s not straight talk to say that John McCain and all other people like John basically are inferior – they’re losers because they got captured.”

Watch the exchange in the video below, via Media Matters:

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