MAGA pastor says God will get ‘vengeance’ against Barack Obama for FBI raid on Trump’s resort

In a recent video, Mississippi pro-Trump pastor Shane Vaughn tied the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort, saying the God’s vengeance is coming for Obama.

According to Vaughn, the raid is an opportunity sent by God to reinvigorate Trump supporters to keep up the fight.

“I believe that God gave us another chance to rally again against the dark forces of an evil Biden empire,” Vaughn declared.

“Wherever you are hiding, Barack Obama, we see your hands behind it all,” he continued. “But I want you to know something — the very gallows you have built for our president, watch out, sir. … There’s going to be a day of vengeance by God Almighty. Not by me and not by men, but by God Almighty.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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