MAGA prophet suggests Biden is physically turning into a demon: ‘I think we’re being played’

During a recent church service, diehard Trump supporter and self-proclaimed “prophet” Pastor Hank Kunneman said someone texted him a picture of “the guy that they say is Biden,” and according to Kunneman, it looked nothing like him.

“Now people say, ‘Ah, it’s cosmetic surgery.’ — I’m a cartoonist. I also am a portrait artist and I recognize features,” Kunneman said, adding that he had a dream where he “saw them announce the election for this fake administration and I saw what looked like the face of what we would call Joe Biden.”

Kunneman went to say that Biden’s face changed into something that “wasn’t him.”

“Something is happening,” Kunneman theorized, reassuring his audience that he wasn’t being a conspiracy theorist. “I’m just looking at pictures that are sent to me.”

“I went out and researched it for myself … and I’m like, come on, man … and so, for one, the one Biden, all the years, he had blueish, green eyes, now this new thing has brown eyes. So, let’s be honest. I think we’re being played.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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