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Man turns the hose on woman who became enraged over BLM sign, screaming ‘all lives matter’

A video originally shared to Reddit shows a confrontation in Austin, Texas, that took place earlier this month between a man a woman who took exception to a sign in his neighbor’s yard that expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ian Doherty told that the woman “yelled at his neighbor to remove a Black Lives Matter flag and shouted “white lives matter” multiple times.

“Doherty said the woman who prompted the political dispute lived in the neighborhood and had a pro-Trump sign on her own property,” Heavy reports. “Doherty said although he had never personally met the woman or seen her before, his neighbor did know her.”

Doherty said his neighbor argued with the woman for about 30 minutes before she shouted “white lives matter” and “all lives matter” multiple times.

“Doherty decided to start watering his lawn amid the fight. After turning the water on, Doherty also sprayed the street. … ‘So I’m watering the street and the yard and just kind of hoping to, just cool the situation down, just to get her out of here.'” Doherty said the woman turned to him and said she did not mind the water and that her car ‘needs to be washed anyway.’ Doherty said he responded by asking the woman again to move along. He said he told her, ‘I don’t want any trouble. I just want you to leave,'” Heavy’s report continued.

Doherty said that as the woman approached his yard, she took on a “tough” demeanor and demanded that he turn the sprinkler off. Doherty said he told her she was on his property and asked her to leave. “Spray me with the hose and see what happens,” he says the woman told him.

That’s when he turned the sprinkler hose on her.

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