Marjorie Taylor Greene flip-flops on her call to publicly release Jan 6 tapes: ‘We’re putting the security of the Capitol at risk’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has flip-flopped on her demand to have footage from Jan. 6 released to the public, now saying that doing so would undermine the security of the Capitol building, Mediaite reported.

Just this Wednesday, Greene praised Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy for approving more selected news outlets (after initially giving the footage to Tucker Carlson) to have access to the January 6 tapes from inside the Capitol building. Greene had also previously called for all the videos from that day to be released to a public.

But during an appearance on Just The News No Noise on Real America’s Voice this Friday, Greene said that “some” of those who partook in the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, “did commit violence.”

“They did break the law, and of course they have been charged and prosecuted, but there’s a lot of people that have been targeted simply because they walk through the capitol on January 6th,” she said. “And this is our real concern with the videotapes, if we release these video tapes just widely for the public — number one, we put the security of the Capitol at risk because there’s over 1,700 video cameras.”

“We also endanger many Americans that were simply standing on the capitol grounds, maybe never even walked through the capitol or committed any crimes, but they could have just walked further than where the barrier was, simply because the barrier was torn down by the time they got there,” she said.

“Most of these people have never even, or had never even been to Washington D.C. until that day on January 6th. So there was no way for them to know that they had crossed a barrier because it was all torn down,” Greene added.

“There’s George Soros funded groups and many other leftist groups that will sit there and view these video tapes for hours and hours using facial recognition software and dox these people and hand them over to the FBI and the Department of Justice, who we have no control over,” Greene said.

Sky Palma

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