Michael Flynn pocketed hundreds of thousands of leftover money from legal defense fund

Former national security adviser under Trump, Michael Flynn, pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in leftover money from a legal defense fund that was set up for him after he faced a federal investigation over the 2016 election, Semafor reported.

The revelation came from Flynn sister as she testified in a defamation case involving CNN.

From Semafor:

According to the motion, Flynn’s sister Barbara Flynn Redgate, who was the trustee for the defense fund, testified that she “didn’t mind taking money from people who [used QAnon] hashtags” as long as they were “directing [people] to the legal defense fund.”

After paying Flynn’s lawyers with the legal defense fund money, Barbara testified that she was paid about $265,000, and Michael Flynn was then paid “whatever was [leftover] in the account.” She said that was more than $250,000 but less than $1 million.

CNN argued that Flynn’s prosecution and pardon from Trump “galvanized support from QAnon followers, who acted like ‘groupies’” toward him. The network’s motion questions “whether the purpose of this lawsuit is to really vindicate an emotional harm or simply to ‘get CNN.’”

Read the full report over at Semafor.

Sky Palma

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