Michele Bachmann: Pandemic and rioting is God’s punishment for Trump’s Middle East peace plan

During an appearance on Jan Markell’s Understanding The Times radio program this Sunday, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann suggested that the turmoil wrought by the coronavirus pandemic and the killing of George Floyd is actually God’s punishment for a flawed Middle East peace plan put forth by the Trump administration.

“On Jan, 28, 2020, a plan was revealed that envisioned a dividing of the covenant land and a division of Jerusalem,” Bachmann said. “Since that time, we have seen nothing but distress.”

Bachmann says that the Bible warns against the “division of Jerusalem,” adding that “nations will be destroyed” as a result.

“It’s very clear,” she declared. “That’s why this warning was given to various high officials prior to the release of this plan. Now warnings are given again that perhaps this distress could be removed from our nation if we would withdraw the maps in this plan that envision the division of the biblical land and the division of Jerusalem.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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