Michele Bachmann: The Bible was ‘the number-one book referenced by the Founders when creating America’

During a speech at a recent event, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said that her version of history, the notion that America’s Founders were largely influenced by Christianity and the Bible when they were writing the Constitution, isn’t even debatable.

“There is no question — it even isn’t debatable — the number-one book that was referenced by the Founders across the board when they were putting this nation together was the Bible,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann was speaking at an event hosted by End Times pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” and conspiracy theorist Jan Markell, where the panel discussed what “markers are telling us” in regards to Jesus Christ’s (any day now) return.

Bachmann acknowledge other earthly influences on the Founders, such as philosophers who informed their thinking, but she insisted they gave the Bible the most reverence.

“In fact, you can take the Declaration of Independence apart and find [Bible] scripture for almost every portion,” she said, adding that the same goes for the Constitution. “…these were some of the most brilliant geniuses ever assembled, and they wanted to get it right. They weren’t perfect, but they wanted to get it right and they sought the Lord.”

Writing for the Oxford University Press, American University’s Daniel L. Dreisbach said we shouldn’t be surprised about the use of biblical themes and language in the Constitution because it was just a reflection of the times.

“[The Bible’s] expansive influence on the political culture of the age should not surprise us because the population was overwhelming Protestant, and it informed significant aspects of public culture, including language, letters, education, and law,” Dreisbach wrote. “No book at the time was more accessible or familiar than the English Bible, specifically the King James Bible. And the people were biblically literate.”

Watch Bachmann in the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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