Mike Pence: Trump should apologize for giving a Holocaust denier ‘a seat at the table’

During an interview with NewsNation, former Vice President Mike Pence called out former President Donald Trump for sitting down to dine with known antisemite and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and his fellow antisemite, rapper Kanye West.

“President Trump was wrong to give a white nationalist, an antisemite and Holocaust denier, a seat at the table and I think he should apologize for it. And he should denounce those individuals and their hateful rhetoric without qualification,” Pence said.

Pence went to say that he does not believe Trump is racist or antisemitic, adding that he would not have served as his vice president if he was. “But I think the President demonstrated profoundly poor judgment in giving those individuals a seat at the table and as I said, I think he should apologize for it. He should denounce them without qualification,” Pence said.

On Tuesday night, Trump had dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort with West and Fuentes, a far-right activist who has a long history of antisemitic and racist rhetoric.

From the Associated Press:

Trump has said that he had “never met and knew nothing about” Fuentes, who had accompanied Ye, before the meeting. But he has so far refused to acknowledge or denounce the positions of ether Fuentes or Ye, who has made his own series of antisemitic comments in recent weeks, leading to his suspension from social media platforms and the end of his ties with major companies like Adidas.

The meeting has been criticized by Jewish groups like the Zionist Organization of America, which honored Trump just two days before his campaign launch, Trump’s former ambassador to Israel, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another potential Trump 2024 rival, who has become an outspoken Trump critic.

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