More Than Half of Graduating Class Sign Petition to Cancel Dr. Ben Carson’s Commencement Speech (VIDEO)

According to people organizing the protest of Dr. Ben Carson’s scheduled commencement speech for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a petition they’ve circulated to cancel him as speaker has been signed by more than half the graduating class.

Once touted as a rising GOP star, Carson became the center of controversy recently after he made comments on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show which seemed to compare gay people to those who participate in bestiality and pedophilia.

Appearing on Mark Levin’s radio show this Monday, Carson downplayed the rebuke from the graduating students, saying that his commencement speech is “still up in the air” and dismissed the new developments as merely “eight students who signed a petition.”

Listen to Carson’s comments in his April 1 appearance on Mark Levin’s show.

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