MRC’s Tim Graham Creates Firestorm After Tweet About MSNBC Host’s Skin Tone (VIDEO)

African American former Democratic strategist Karen Finney recently made news when she was given her own weekend show on MSNBC. Finney’s hiring to the left-leaning cable news channel was touted as another step in diversifying the line-up, adding to a roster that includes Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Al Sharpton.

But in a bizarre tweet composed yesterday by the Media Research Center’s Tim Graham, Finney’s light skin tone disqualifies her from contributing to the network’s claims of diversity.

Graham sparked the controversy with the tweet below.

deadstate tim graham

Even after receiving a swift rebuke from the twittersphere, Graham followed up with a tweet that featured a picture of Finney, asking people to judge for themselves.

graham followup

Graham has ventured into this questionable rhetoric before. In May of 2012, he was a guest on the NRA News radio show and lamented that the media was intentionally ignoring the fact that President Obama dated white women in the past.

Listen to Graham’s comments on NRA News in the video below.

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