Nikki Haley bails and leaves Martha McSally alone when reporter asks about Trump’s taxes

Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley stepped up to help out with Martha McSally’s campaign this Monday as polls show the incumbent Arizona Republican struggling against her opponent Mark Kelly.

Facing a gaggle of reporters, McSally was asked that since she’s called for Kelly to release his tax return, would she also call on President Trump to release his.

“I’ve said I think he should,” McSally replied. “But I think Mark Kelly should definitely release his tax returns — I challenge him on that, he’s been silent. I wish you guys would ask him some more followup questions and get his tax returns out there.”

As McSally was speaking, Haley chimed in, suggesting that Kelly’s tax returns would reveal all the “Chinese companies he’s done business with.” She then turned away and slowly left the scene, leaving McSally to face the gaggle alone.

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