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Pat Robertson: Officer who pulled gun instead of taser is ‘crazy’ for not knowing the difference

“Who had ‘Woke Pat Robertson’ on their 2021 bingo card?” standup comic and TV host Walter Kamau Bell tweeted this Thursday.

He’s referring to clip from evangelist Pat Robertson‘s 700 Club show, where the host recently gave his thoughts on the police killing of Daunte Wright, a Black motorist who was allegedly mistakenly shot while a police thought she was deploying her taser.

To the surprise of some, the famed evangelical minister didn’t side with the officer — he slammed her not knowing the difference between her police-issued firearm and her taser “when she shot that poor guy to death.”

“If you can’t tell the difference in the field of those things, it’s crazy,” Robertson said.

“I am pro-police, folks,” Robertson said. “I think we need the police, we need their service and they do a good job, but if they don’t stop this onslaught — they cannot do this.”

Robertson went on to mention the police pepper spraying of a Black Army Lt. late last year and the trial of Derek Chauvin, saying that he should be “put under the jail” for killing George Floyd.

“It’s just terrible what’s happening,” Robertson said. “And the police, why don’t they open their eyes to what their public relations are. They’ve got to stop this stuff.”

Watch the video below:

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