Pawel Kuczyński’s paintings will make you question the world around you like no other artist can

Polish born artist Paweł Kuczyński uses his paintbrush to satirize the world around him, pointing out the huge divide of wealth, to the way our governments spy on us.

Kuczyński’s detailed and precise paintings pose questions about societies and cultures across the world, while also employing a sly sense of satirical humor. His work has received attention online and has won him several international art awards.

His surreal style allows him to expose injustice, cruelty, and hypocrisy while still capturing audiences with imaginative and often funny scenes. He often takes aim at those in power and the ultra-rich who control the world by commerce and war.

Take a look at some of Kuczyński’s paintings, and don’t be afraid to laugh or question the world around you.

kus 1

kus 2

kus 3

kus 4

kus 5

kus 6

kus 7

kus 8

kus 9

kus 10

kus 11

kus 12

kus 13

kus 14

kus 15

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