Pro-Trump Christian pastor: ‘The bible isn’t a religious book — it’s the constitution of the government’

Pastor Francis Myles appeared on The Jim Bakker Show this Tuesday and immediately revealed that he needs to go back to civics class and learn about the separation between church and state.

Myles recounted how his formerly correct understanding of the phrase first coined by Thomas Jefferson was changed after he heard the words of the late pastor Myles Munroe.

“He said, ‘The problem with Christians is that we read the Bible as though it is a religious book,’” Myles said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “The Bible is the constitution of the government, it’s the constitution of the kingdom. Jesus was the head of state. He came here as the head of state, so the Bible is God revealing his mind about how his government runs.”

Myles went to defend President Trump’s immigration policies, saying that if God’s kingdom is a government, “then it has to have an immigration policy.”

“Do you know what the Gospel is? What we Gospel preachers are?” he asked rhetorically. “We are here to preach the Gospel to give visas to people to go to Heaven, because if you refuse Jesus, that is God’s immigration policy.”

“If you refuse Jesus and you die without knowing Jesus, you are not going to Heaven,” he continued. “Which means that Heaven cannot be entered into just because you want to go there. So God’s kingdom does have an immigration policy. So if God’s kingdom has it, then how can we accuse President Trump or any country, for that matter, that wants to control its immigration system if God controls his?”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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