Pro-Trump ‘prophetess’: I went to Heaven and saw John Wayne making movies

During a livestream appearance last week on the Elijah List show, Trump-loving “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr sometimes talks about her trips to Heaven. Now she’s revealing a major celebrity sighting in the afterlife.

“I have seen — absolutely in Heaven would be John Wayne,”she said.

“Woooow,” Elijah List host Steve Schultz said with his mouth agape.

“I don’t mind dropping names, people have seen him there,” she continued. “What is he doing? Making cowboy movies. … You use your gift in Heaven, and I saw him making a cowboy movie in this place that looks just like the west, except there’s no bandits, you’re not gonna roast, get scorched, be bitten by scorpions, none of that happens, so…”

“I happen to know [Wayne] lives in this part of Heaven, he loves that part of Heaven.”

Kerr initially marketed herself as a “Weather Warrior,” who has God-given authority over weather events. Despite her poor track record at diverting storms, she’s garnered a healthy following and even seems to have a small in-person ministry. These days, she mostly speaks of former President Donald Trump’s divine anointing by Jesus. She once sent 100 million angels to stop schools from teaching critical race theory. No word on how that turned out.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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