Rep. Alan Grayson Slams Paul Ryan, Saying He Wants Americans to ‘Work Until They Die’ (VIDEO)

Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson slammed former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan in a Current TV interview this Tuesday.

In light of Ryan’s latest budget proposal, Grayson suggested that Ryan seems to think a large swath of Americans are expendable.

“In one case after another, you look at his principles, you look at his vision, and they’re a nightmare for America,” he said. “He wants Americans to work until they die, he wants poor people who get sick not be able to see a doctor, not to get the care they need, not to get better, he wants them to die, and he wants an America that consists of nothing but cheap labor for his corporate patrons.”

paul ryan budget

Ryan’s proposed budget would repeal most of Obamacare with a partial privatization of Medicare. Also, there would be a cut on food stamps spending as well as other programs, all while lowering the corporate tax rate. Grayson said that Ryan also wants to cut Social Security, citing Ryan’s self-professed admiration for Ayn Rand.

“Paul Ryan believes that Social Security is unconstitutional,” Grayson said. “Just like anyone who follows the writings of Ayn Rand would believe. If you read the Fountianhead, if you read similar fiction — although they don’t regard it as fiction — you come to the conclusion that these are people who believe government itself, anything that does anything for people other than defend the borders, is fundamentally immoral and unconstitutional.”

Watch Grayson’s comments in the video below.



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