Breitbart Editor Dismisses Ethnic Studies as a Tax Payer Waste of Money (VIDEO)

In a Fox segment this Wednesday, Breitbart head editor Ben Shapiro said that the only value college courses in ethnic studies offer is “to meet girls” and “get an easy A.”

Starting off the segment, Fox News host Megyn Kelly mentioned that a U.S. Circuit Court judge recently had upheld an Arizona law that banned ethnic studies in Tucson because GOP politicians felt that the classes fostered racial resentment.

Shapiro argued in favor of the judge’s decision, saying that ethnic studies have a “myopic focus on the idea that America is a racist place against certain ethnicities and minorities.”

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“The second point here is just the giant waste of taxpayer dollars that this constitutes,” he continued. “Look, I took Jewish studies courses when I was at UCLA. There are only two reasons that you take a Jewish studies course. The first is to meet girls, and the second is to get an easy A.”

“And that’s why most students are taking ethnic studies courses, unless they’re buying into this radical ideology that really is the basis of all ethnic studies courses throughout America.”

“That explains a lot about the make up of some of those classes back in my school,” Kelly replied.

Also participating in the discussion was University of Pennsylvania Sociology Professor Camille Charles, who took offense at the notion that the sole purpose of ethnic studies courses was to provoke anti-American sentiments.

“There was a time in our history that parts of what is now the United States were actually Mexico, that people of African descent, of Latin American descent, of Native American descent were exploited and oppressed at a point in our history, I think those are all factually accurate,” she explained.

Shapiro has recently come under fire for falsely reporting that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was tied to “Friends of Hamas,” a group which does not even exist.

Watch the Fox News Segment in the video below.



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    March 15, 2013 at 1:31 am

    The repubs are trying very hard to rewrite history. They do this by not teaching it or by telling lies while teaching it. It’s the only way they can keep recruiting new idiots into the party.

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