Republican who impeached Clinton: The ‘Donald Trump Show’ is much worse

Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour this Monday, former GOP congressman Bob Inglis said that the White House’s current troubles dwarf the scandals of former President Bill Clinton — whom he voted to impeach in 1998.

Inglis’ comments came after Amanpour played a clip of an interview from 1998 in which he gave his rationale for impeaching Clinton, where he said there are “issues around the world that require American leadership,” adding that the President “needs moral authority. And we’ve got a president who is sorely lacking in that regard.”

Amanpour then asked Inglis to compare Clinton’s “lack of moral authority” to what President Trump currently “has or doesn’t have.”

“Well, I guess that young guy you were just playing there apparently hadn’t seen something called the Donald Trump show,” said Inglis of his younger self, adding that Trump’s behavior “is much more serious than anything we ever accused Bill Clinton of.”

According to Inglis, Clinton’s impeachment involved “perjury with the underlying matter being a sexual affair,” but Trump represents “something quite different.”

“Particularly when it gets into the Russia investigation and the firing of (former FBI Director) James Comey,” he said. “These are very serious matters.”

Watch the segment below:

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