Rick Wiles: Kamala Harris is ‘cursed’ for being named after a ‘Hindu false idol’

During a recent episode off his TruNews program, career conspiracy theorist and committed antisemite, Rick Wiles, slammed 2020 vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris for the fact that she has a Hindu-derived name.

“She was named for a Hindu goddess,” Wiles lamented. “Is that who we’re electing? A Hindu goddess?”

“Look, if my mom and dad named me for a Hindu god, I would go to a court and demand — I would want a Christian name,” Wiles continued. “I wouldn’t want to go through life with a Hindu god name. I’d want a Christian name, because it would be a curse for me to go through life named for a false idol.”

Harris, whose mother is from India and her father from Jamaica, was named after a Hindu goddess, better known as “Lakshmi” — the goddess of prosperity, good luck, and beauty.

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Sky Palma

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