Right-wing radio host: Children conceived through rape should be raised by the ‘natural father’

Speaking on his radio program this Thursday, conservative commentator Jesse Lee Peterson gave some of the most grotesquely bad relationship advice ever.

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Peterson took a call from a young man who said he has a girlfriend who has an 8-year-old daughter she conceived when she was raped. The caller, who identified himself as “Caleb,” said that he’s been raising the child since she was three.

When Caleb asked if he should marry his girlfriend, Peterson replied, “Absolutely not.”

Peterson when on to advise the caller not to marry a woman who already has children.

“It’s bad enough on kids when they don’t have both parents, it’s worse when a so-called step-parent steps in because the soul of that child—whether male or female—the soul yearns for a father, not a step-father or a step-mother,” Peterson said.

“They want their natural father and natural mother, and especially their natural father. So, if this woman is a decent woman at all, she will sacrifice for her child, not for herself, but for her child and you’re going to be in the way.”

When Caleb asked what he should tell the little girl who he’s now been advised to abandon, Peterson him that he should apologize for getting involved with the mother.

“[Tell] her not to be angry and to love her father, her real father, and don’t believe anything that anyone has to say about him, so that she can love her father and she will grow up a peaceful young lady and she will have a good life.”

Nothing like the family values of Jesse Lee Peterson.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

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