Roseanne Barr talks about ‘chemtrails’ on Joe Rogan’s podcast, epic smackdown ensues

During a recent episode of comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, guest and fellow comedian Roseanne Barr launched into a rant about “chemtrails,” claiming that the agricultural giant Monsanto is spraying aluminum into the atmosphere to create a “giant mirror.”

The chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that chemical agents are being sprayed in the atmosphere for population control purposes.

The discussion started when Barr said that farmers in Hawaii were moving towards producing their crops organically, but that the process was in danger because the government is allegedly “spraying aluminum and barium all day.”

“Here is the problem, there is science behind those trails,” Rogan interrupted, immediately recognizing Barr was referring to chemtrails. “You can track when it is going to happen and when it is not going to happen. It is all based on the humidity in the atmosphere. That is what it is all based on. When you have a jet engine and it burns jet fuel and it is going through the atmosphere it is creating moisture in conditions where it is almost cloudy, like very hazy, when a jet engine passes through, this change of atmosphere and adding moisture creates a cloud.”

 “They look like clouds because they are clouds,” Rogan added. “I’ve asked scientists. They said if you had aluminum dust and you sprayed it, it wouldn’t look anything those clouds.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video below, via The Raw Story:

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