Sarah Palin on Syria: U.S. Should ‘Let Allah Sort it Out’ (VIDEO)

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington D.C., Sarah Palin raised a few eyebrows when she questioned President Obama’s decision to send arms to the Syrian rebels, suggesting that we should just “let Allah sort it out.”

“Militarily, where is out commander in chief? she asked. “We’re talking now more new interventions. I say, until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander in chief who knows what he’s doing, well, in these radical Islamic countries who aren’t respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, ‘Allah Akbar,’ I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say let Allah sort it out.”

Palin’s comments seem especially callous in light of the brutality and staggering civilian toll of the conflict. Nearly 90,000 people have been killed in the Syrian civil war between Bashar al-Assad’s government forces and various rebel factions.

Listen to Palin’s comments in the video below. Her full remarks can be found here.

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