Sean Hannity: ‘I still think Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction’

Fox News host Sean Hannity believes Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction leading up to the US invasion of Iraq, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

During Wednesday’s edition of The Sean Hannity Show on the Premiere Radio Network, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich called in to discuss his position on foreign policy.

Hannity steered the conversation to Iraq where he asked Kasich’s thoughts on president Obama‘s handling of Isis and the Middle East.

The Sean Hannity Show:

JOHN KASICH: Part of the problem was we got in the middle of a civil war because we thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction–

SEAN HANNITY: I still think he did.

KASICH: Pardon?

HANNITY: I still think he did. I think he got them out in the lead up to the war. And I think he brought them to Syria.

KASICH: Well, you know, maybe he did, but the fact is — you know, look, the fact is that if — well you say he had them, I don’t know. There’s no evidence to say he had them.

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