Sean Hannity: ‘I’d rather be in a migrant detention camp than some American cities’

During this Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham pushed back at criticism against President Trump regarding his recent attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), saying that the President was right to point out that the city of Baltimore, which Cummings represents, is in “obvious decline.”

“Trump’s gruff and provocative style may enraged Democrats and even a few Trump resistance Republicans but he’s right,” Ingraham said.

“Baltimore is a once great American city in obvious decline,” she added.

“He’s highlighted something both Democrats and Republicans often prefer to ignore: the plight of urban America especially under liberal politicians who have in the past at times stoked racial fears rather than just do what’s what’s right. What works,” Ingraham continued.

Ingraham also criticized Cummings and his fellow Democrats for giving up on “urban America.”

At the outset of her show, Ingraham had a short discussion with Fox News host Sean Hannity, whose show leads into hers. Ingraham mentioned a video clip Hannity showed of protesters calling to “free the children” from border detention facilities.

“I’d say, free the children from the incompetent failed leadership in urban America,” Ingraham told Hannity. “Free them from that!”

“It’s sad,” Hannity lamented.

“They don’t care about that,” Ingraham added. “They like to use children at the border as props. They love that though.”

“Well, I’d rather be in one of those detention facilities than some of these cities where 15, 30, 100 people are shot and killed every weekend,” Hannity replied. “I don’t know where I’d rather be, but probably in the detention center. It’s safer.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to go to the border to find people suffering,” Ingraham said. “Especially young people.”

Watch the exchange below:

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