Seth Meyers proves he’s no Jimmy Fallon with his latest devastating anti-Trump segment

No one thought they’d see the day when Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon would be accused of going soft on a racist.

But after interviewing Donald Trump this Thursday, many saw Fallon’s segment as a boost to the GOP nominee’s campaign, inching him one step closer to the White House with a softball interview that did nothing to put his reprehensible rhetoric on display.

Now, the host of Fallon’s former Late Night is doing everything he can to set himself apart.

On Monday night, Seth Meyers mocked Trump’s walking back of the birther conspiracy theory — a fraudulent claim that Trump propagated for years to define his image as a candidate.

“Obama was born in the United States, period?” Meyers asked mockingly, repeating Trump’s recent clarification. “F*ck you, exclamation point!”

“You don’t get to peddle racist rhetoric for five years and decide when it’s over!” Meyers said during his A Closer Look segment. “We decide when it’s over! It’s certainly not over after a 30-second statement in the middle of a hotel commercial.”

Watch the entire segment in the video below:

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