South Carolina parents sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to drown out lone transgender supporter

Approximately 500 parents amassed at a South Carolina Board of Education meeting on Monday to express their disdain over allowing transgender students to use the bathroom they identity with.

Holding signs that read, “It’s Common Sense,” and “Keep Kids Safe,” the Horry County Board of Education meeting was a strong showing of disapproval of trans students, who are often victimize by schoolyard bullies, using restrooms they feel most comfortable in.

Within the crowd of hundreds of angry parents, one lone parent asked why his trans student should not be allowed the same rights as the other students.

“Transgender people should not be lumped into the same category as pedophiles, rapists or other criminals,” Melanie Moore said to The Slate. “Transgender students are born one sex, but feel as though they should have been born the opposite gender.”

According to The New Civil Rights Movement, Moore defended her position for only six minutes before the other parents silenced her by shouting out a popular Christian hymn, “Jesus love me, yes I know, for the Bible tells me so,” which promptly ended the discussion.

The Horry County Board of Education is reported to be completely opposed to allowing trans children to use the bathroom they identify with, however they are following Title IX guidelines so they won’t “lose funding” should the school violate the statute.

“We have to protect all children, all children are important to us, but we do have to follow the law,” Sherrie Todd, Horry County Board of Education member said. “I will continue to fight this, in my heart and as much as I can publicly.”

The Board voted to spend an undisclosed amount of money for specialized lawyers to join the Virginia appeal of the 4th Circuit’s ruling.

Watch the video below:

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