New poll: Democratic voters don’t want Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race

According to a new poll, Democrats still want to see Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at the convention.

As more and more states pass by on the presidential election calendar, its looking like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democratic Party.  But according to a new poll, Democrats still want to see Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at the convention.

A new NBC News poll of 12,462 registered voters from April 25th and May 1st, detailed that 57 percent of Democrats said that Sanders should stay in the race until Clinton gets the official nomination come the Philadelphia convention in July. Twenty-five percent said he should only drop out after the last vote has been cast on June 14 and 16 percent said he should drop out now and suspend his campaign.

Currently, Clinton leads Sanders by about 300 delegates, with over 1,000 left in the race. But even if Sanders were win big in the remaining states and catch up to Clinton, she still has a huge lead with super delegates who have already pledged their support to her. With their votes, Clinton is likely to get a huge boost towards the nomination.

As of now, Clintonites haven’t called for Sanders to drop out, but are mindful of his tone and worried that his attacks could damage her in the general election.

“The convention will be a contested contest,” Sanders said on Sunday. “We intend to fight for every vote in front of us and for every delegate remaining.”

Clinton supporters are more divided on Sanders staying in the convention, with 40 percent saying he should drop out after the final primaries and 28 percent saying that he should stay in the race all through out the convention. Thirty percent said that he should drop out now.

[The Hill] Featured image: Will King (Flickr)

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