Stephen Colbert moderates Trump vs Trump debate and it’s uncanny

With Republican front-runner Donald Trump deciding to skip the final Republican presidential debate on Fox last week, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert moderated the real estate mogul “debating” himself in a segment called The 2016 Top Tremendous All-You-Can Trump Luxury Presidential Debate.

Using an abundance of available footage from the GOP presidential candidate, Colbert was able to show how Trump radically changed positions on nearly every issue while demonstrating the ability contradict himself with ease.

“Tonight it’s Donald against Trump,” announced Colbert. “Or as they’re known by their celebrity-couple name, ‘Dump.’”

Colbert had some fun with Trump’s blunt flip-flopping over the years. Right out of the gate, Colbert “asked” a January 2016 version of the candidate about Sen. Ted Cruz’s chances in the election.

Trump “answered” by referring to his campaign rival as a “nasty guy,” and that “nobody in Congress likes him.” However when Colbert asked a December 2015 version of Trump for a rebuttal, the other Trump said, “I really do like Ted Cruz a lot.”


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