Surveillance video shows Texas cop lied when he said father of two pointed a gun at him

An off-duty Texas cop who claims a father of two pulled a gun on him twice in front of a gas station, is being questioned by police after a store surveillance video showed that no such thing actually happened.

KHOU reports that Julian Carmona is currently charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after off-duty Houston Police Department officer William Wright said that Carmona nearly side-swiped his truck and pointed a gun at him “twice.”

“I’ve never cried so much in my life. It hurts. It hurts,” Julian Carmona said.

“There are two sides to every story, and in this case it’s night and day,” Carmona’s attorney Jed Silverman said.

The station’s surveillance video shows Carmona pull behind Wright’s vehicle. When he exited his truck, a firearm fell from the door pocket. Carmona quickly picked up the gun and returned it to inside the door.

“I don’t know if I hit it when I opened the door, or hit it with my foot—everything just happened so fast,” Carmona said. “I apologized right away… because the first thing that came to my mind, I dropped a gun in front of an officer, without even knowing. I said, ‘Sir, I never pointed a gun at you. I promise, I never pointed a gun, check the videos.’”

According to court documents, the officer claimed Carmona got out of the car holding a gun and pointed it directly at him, then dropped it, picked it up and pointed it again—all in the moment where he’s seen in the footage turning around with hands in the air.

Wright said he feared for his life and drew his own gun. Carmona then reached for his concealed carry license and quickly put his hands back up. Throughout the altercation, his two young children were sitting in the car.

“He comes behind me, he starts handcuffing me and my son comes out of the truck. That was the last thing I wanted,” Carmona said.

“But for this video, my client could be one of those that’s sitting in prison and is taken away from their family, based on what appears to be a false allegation,” Silverman said.

According to KHOU, Carmona has a past record, including a 2007 felony drug possession charge. The charge was later dismissed and he was able to be cleared to get a concealed gun permit. The surveillance video also shows Wright buying a six-pack of beer while in uniform, which is against department policy.


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