Texas GOP lawmaker who called drag shows ‘perverted’ is accused of ‘inappropriate relationship’ with underaged intern

A Texas Republican lawmaker who has a history of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and who supports legislation that bans children from attending drag shows has been accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” where he allegedly gave alcohol to an intern who is under the legal drinking age at his Austin apartment, The Texas Tribune reported.

The accusations were listed in an internal complaint provided by a source to The Tribune that was filed against state Rep. Bryan Slaton, R-Royse City. According to The Tribune’s report, the allegations in the complaint were corroborated by another source who works in the Capitol and who had direct knowledge of the incident, saying that Slaton drank alcohol with the intern, who was under 21-years-old.

“After the incident, Slaton allegedly showed the intern fake emails that purported to have information about the incident in what appeared to be something of a loyalty test, according to the complaint and a person with direct knowledge,” The Tribune’s report stated. “After presenting her the email, Slaton allegedly told her to not speak with anyone about the incident.”

Slaton’s attorney, Patrick Short, issued a statement saying that his firm is “aware of outrageous claims circulating online by second-tier media that make false claims against Representative Slaton.”

“As a result, he has been advised to forward all inquiries in this matter—including any that may relate to a possible complaint—to his legal counsel.”

As LGBTQ Nation points out, Slaton is one of the most anti-LGBTQ+ legislators in Texas. He supports a law banning minors from drag shows, and introduced legislation that would give tax cuts to heterosexual couples who have lots of children.

In an April 4 tweet, Slaton wrote, “We must protect Texas kids from sick adults who want to sexualize them. No drag shows. No porn in their libraries. No gender transition surgeries. Yes to letting kids be kids.”

Sky Palma

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