Texas sports anchor gives impassioned speech condemning racist signs at basketball game

This week, Dale Hansen of Dallas/Fort Worth’s WFAA-TV made his thoughts known about a group of students who held up “White Power” signs at a Flower Mound, Texas basketball game, and once again, it was a powerful segment of live television.

Hansen first came to fame denouncing homophobia in the NFL while defending gay draft pick Michael Sam almost exactly a year ago.

This time around, the subject of how kids are raised and the belief systems they learn form their parents was the topic.

“The one black family [my father] knew were good people; all the others he didn’t know, they were the bad people,” Hansen said. “The ignorance in that reasoning if you think about it long enough will twist your mind and it twisted mine.

“Kids have to be taught to hate, and it’s our parents and grandparents and our teachers and coaches too who teach us to hate. Kids become the product of that environment. I was and they are.”

Watch his rant in the video below:

Sky Palma

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