The GOP just elected an actual Nazi to public office

A Charlottesville tiki torch marcher who’s affiliated with a “pro-white” group was elected to a GOP post in Washington state last week, according to The Daily Beast. James Allsup, who is 22, sees the win as a step forward in his plan to “take over the GOP for the alt-right.”

Allsup marched in the “Unite the Right” rally late last summer where participants chanted antisemitic slogans and praised the Confederate flag. The march culminated in the death of a counter-protester when a white supremacist from the fascist group Identity Evropa drove his car into a crowd.

This past weekend, Allsup posted a picture to Facebook confirming his election as the state GOP’s precinct committee officer for Precinct 129 in Whitman County. According to the form he shared, there were no challengers for the office.

Allsup is vocal about his anti-immigration and antisemitic views. In addition to his documented participation in the Unite the Right rally, he attended a “free speech” event in D.C. in which alt-right leader Richard Spencer was one of the featured speakers.

Speaking on the white nationalist podcast hosted by Identity Evropa, Allsup called for more white nationalists to enter into politics.

“I happen to be involved in the Spokane GOP,” Allsup said, according to The Daily Beast. “I am now actually an elected official in the Whitman County GOP down here where I live. You have a seat at the table. And that’s the most important thing, getting that seat at the table, and you can get that seat at the table by, yes, showing up, yes, by bringing people in, and again this doesn’t necessarily only have to be IE members.”

From The Daily Beast:

A month after Charlottesville, Allsup told white nationalist podcast Fash the Nation that he tried to take over WSU’s College Republican club with “fashy goy” (fascist, non-Jewish) friends.

“If you are a college guy, or a college girl, and you are on a college campus, if you have three or four fashy goy friends, you can take over your school’s College Republicans group and move it to essentially being an alt-right club,” Allsup said.

“You can easily do that and it gives you access to so many more resources. It gives you political credibility. It gives you all of these things that come along with the name of being a Republican.”

The “entryist” tactic worked for Allsup for a while in WSU’s College Republican club. As president of WSU’s College Republican club, he clashed with members who denounced his “Trumpist tone” and “xenophobia,” The Spokesman-Review previously reported. But Allsup’s attendance at Unite the Right, where he said he was invited to give a speech and filmed himself fawning over white nationalist Richard Spencer, was a step too far for some college Republicans. Allsup resigned from the group.

Despite his election, the Republican National Committee made sure to condemn him.

“We condemn this individual and his hateful, racist views in the strongest possible terms,” a spokesperson for the RNC told The Daily Beast. “There’s no place for it in the Republican Party.”

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