There’s currently a coronavirus outbreak inside the White House

According to the New York Times, Trump administration officials are “racing to contain” a coronavirus outbreak inside the White House, as some senior officials reportedly believe that the virus is already spreading rapidly through the closely-knit offices of the West Wing.

“Three top officials leading the government’s response effort began two weeks of self-quarantine after two members of the White House staff — Katie Miller, the spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence, and one of President Trump’s personal valets — tested positive,” the Times reports. “But others who came into contact with Ms. Miller and the valet are continuing to report to work at the White House.”

The infected staffers have prompted the White House to ramp up protections, including wearing masks and conducting daily tests for some senior staff.

“The concern about an outbreak of the virus at the White House — and the swift testing and contact tracing being done to contain it — underscores the broader challenge for Americans as Mr. Trump urges them to begin returning to their own workplaces despite warnings from public health officials that the virus continues to ravage communities across the country.”

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