This is probably Josh Duggar’s profile on OkCupid

In the wake of Gawker’s revelations surrounding Josh Duggar’s two-year subscription to infidelity website, the media giant did some more digging and found some compelling evidence that the “family values” champion had another online profile, this time on the dating site OkCupid.

There’s no direct link to Josh and the profile, nor was it part of the huge data dump by the Ashley Madison hackers. But a simple Google search revealed that the email handle “” Josh used for his accounts on Ashley Madison almost exactly matches the username on an OkCupid profile that has since been deleted.

From Gawker:

The picture is obviously not of Josh Duggar. And as of right now, it appears on WordPress under the title “random guy from Facebook.” If you search “random guy” on Google images, the same photo comes up as one of the very first results. So if a man in his 20s were to try and find a discreet, anonymous photo for a social media profile, it’s possible he’d find this one.

okc 1
Via Gawker
okc 2
Via Gawker

On the OkCupid profile, joesmithsonnwa lists “casual sex” as what he’s looking for and “politics” is what’s listed as the profile owner’s occupation (Duggar was executive director of the Family Research Council during the time the profile was active). The location of the profile is listed in Alexandria, Virginia, which is near where Josh and his wife lived with their three children before they moved back to Arkansas after the initial molestation scandal broke.

Soon after Gawker posted this story, the OkCupid profile was deleted.

okc 3

Featured image via Instagram

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