This rapper completely dismantled Nancy Grace on her ridiculously stupid views about pot

If you really hate HLN’s Nancy Grace as much as we do, then you’ll get a nice little kick out of this video.

You really have to wonder about people who argue in favor of the status quo when it comes to marijuana in the year 2015. But that’s exactly the position Grace takes in this interview Tuesday night with rapper “2 Chains” Tauheed Epps.

Grace quickly drew him into a debate based on her perceived dangers of marijuana use. She spent the segment attacking him, using some of the most antiquated anti-pot arguments that you’d probably only hear from your deceased grandparents. But 2 Chain calmy and concisely dismantled her arguments.

“I’m a taxpayer, okay? My bus gets pulled over and [the cops] say they smell weed like they do all the time, okay? They find a [pipe] on my bus that has .o1 od residue inside of it, okay? They lock me up, they strip me, they try – then they find out I’m a rapper and they wanna know how fine is Nicky Minaj, they wanna take pictures and they wanna let me go. They obviously charge me with .01. I go to court, I go to trail…


If that’s not a waste of tax payer’s time and money, I don’t know what it is.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video below:

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