Thousands of protesters force Poland’s right wing government to back down from total abortion ban

Except for cases of rape, incest, fetal damage, and risks to the life of the mother, Poland’s banning of abortion has forced women to travel to neighboring countries or to seek out abortifacients online. But after the country’s right wing government proposed a ban on those few exceptions, thousands of protesters amassed in the streets of Warsaw this past Monday.

Both women and men skipped work and school to don black clothing and show their disapproval of the new proposed law, and it seems the country’s right wing Law and Justice party took notice.

This Wednesday, Polish Senate speaker Stanislaw Karczewski announced that the upper house of parliament would not advance the bill that would make the abortion ban law.

According to CTV, the minister of science and higher education, Jaroslaw Gowin, said that the protestors have “caused us to think and taught us humility.”


Katarzyna Pierzchała (Facebook)


Via Katarzyna Pierzchała (Facebook)

From Jezebel:

Karczewski says he’s waiting to see what the lower house of parliament’s approach to the bill will be, but he does not wish to back down on a ban against aborting children with Down Syndrome…

“They are wonderful children,” Karczewski said. “Very much loved by their parents, very loving parents, bringing a lot of warmth and a lot of love into a home. I am a great opponent of killing such children.”

 Featured image: Katarzyna Pierzchała (Facebook)

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