Thousands of protesters march to Trump’s home in Manhattan chanting, ‘Dump Trump!’

Thousands of protesters marched from one tower that bears Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s name to another on Saturday, while shouting and chanting “Dump Trump!”

The anti-Trump protest began near Trump Tower in Columbus Circle and was supposed to end up at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue where the real estate mogul currently lives. Although it was organized by the political group Cosmopolitan Antifascists, Trump supporters alleged that Democratic fundraiser George Soros was behind the demonstration.

“Trump’s policies threaten many of us in the Black, Latino, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, and other communities.” the group said in a Facebook post. “These policies and type [sic] of speech had no place in this country, and certainly does not have a place in the city that Trump grew his empire in — a city known as a melting pot and home for many of the same people Trump continues to wage war on.”

“I think Donald Trump is speaking a message of fascism and racism, and I don’t think that’s good for America,” said Laura Merrill, a tour guide who supports Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Gideon Resnick of the Daily Beast tweeted about speaking to protesters who had been pepper-sprayed by police and who had been involved in minor scuffles.

Meanwhile in Arizona, more protesters blocked oncoming traffic to the site of Trump’s rally Fountain Park in Fountain Hills. Last week, a Trump campaign event was canceled in Chicago because of several violent altercations between protesters and his supporters.


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