Trump-backed Senate candidate allegedly choked his wife and beat his children

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The former wife of Sean Parnell, who is a Donald Trump-endorsed GOP candidate running for the Pennsylvania Senate, testified under oath this Monday that he choked her until she bit him and that he hit their young children and verbally abused her, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

From The Inquirer:

In tearful testimony, Laurie Snell told a family court judge said that her husband once called her a “whore” and a “piece of s — ” while pinning her down. On another occasion, she said, Parnell slapped one child hard enough to leave fingerprint-shaped welts through the back of the child’s T-shirt. And she said he once got so angry he punched a closet door with such force it swung into a child’s face and left a bruise. She said Parnell told his child: “That was your fault.”

She also testified that after a Thanksgiving trip in 2008 he briefly forced her out of their vehicle alongside a highway after raging at her, telling her to “go get an abortion.”

Parnell is a decorated Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and was endorsed this summer by Trump.

Responding to the allegations, Parnell denied his wife’s claims and says he’ll reveal “the truth” next week.

”Let me emphatically state: I have never raised a hand in anger towards my wife or any of our three children,” the statement said. “What happened today in court was not justice, nor did it have any basis in fact or truth.”

Read it over at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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