Trump cowering in fear from this American Bald Eagle is the epitome of symbolism

In an ironic twist of fate, a bald eagle named Uncle Sam was willing to do something no eagle has ever attempted — attack the leading Republican presidential candidate.

During a photo shoot for Time Magazine in August, billionaire and former reality TV star, Donald Trump, was asked to pose with the iconic symbol of freedom and national emblem of the United States. Sadly for Trump, the eagle was not as taken with the “Make America Great Again” sloganeer.

Uncle Sam took an instant dislike to The Donald, snapping at him with his beak and mussing up his red pompadour with a mighty flap of his wings.


When Time Magazine announced Angela Merkel as Person of the Year today, Trump immediately insulted the choice on Twitter, partially motivated perhaps by his earlier encounter with Uncle Sam.

trump gif

Featured image via screen grab

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