Trump superfan Bill Mitchell: God says, ‘Show me you love me by voting for Donald Trump’

Trump superfan Bill Mitchell recently revealed himself to be a liar and a con-artist, but that isn’t stopping him from speaking for God to his thousands of subscribers. In a recent livestream that was flagged by the folks over at Right Wing Watch, Mitchell said that the best way for someone to show their love for Jesus is to help Donald Trump get reelected in 2020.

“Donald Trump is gonna have the results for us, he’s got the ammunition for us,” Mitchell said. “But … we have to put feet to our faith, and go out there and work.”

Mitchell went on to remind viewers that “God is watching us.”

“[God’s] saying, ‘You know what guys? I could do this with a wave of my hand, but I’d rather you do it, because I created you to do stuff, not just to be little puppets down there, running around … I want you to actually do stuff and show me you love me by doing my will.'”

According to Mitchell, “Donald Trump is God’s man.”

“And that’s gonna make liberals’ heads explode, but what do you care? Most of you don’t believe in God anyway. But I believe that Donald Trump is God’s man in this moment.”

Watch the video below:

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Sky Palma

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