Trump supporter tells ABC News: I became a ‘diehard Trump fan’ when I saw him ‘hug the American flag’

During a segment on ABC News, a supporter of Donald Trump told anchor Martha Raddatz about the moment he became a fan of the former president.

Raddatz introduced the Sunday segment as a group interview with three Pennsylvania Trump supporters and “not a fact-check on their beliefs.”

“There’s no changing their minds, but more than 72 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020, and it is important to understand why,” Raddatz said during the segment’s outset.

Raddatz then introduced “life-long Republican” Jim Vinup, who said that he hasn’t been let down by Trump like other politicians.

“When he came down the escalator, I thought, huh, this is crazy. You know, this guy, he’ll never get anywhere. Well, as things went on, I became a diehard Donald Trump fan,” Vinup said.Donald Trump does what he says. The only reason he didn’t get a lot more done is because they gave him grief every minute of every day.”

“Has he made mistakes? Oh, my goodness, yes,” Vinup continued. “But I do believe that his heart’s in the right place for me. How many – how many presidents, how many politicians have come out on stage and hugged the American flag? That really means something to me.”

“I really think he has a heart for the common man,” he said later in the segment. “I really do. Did George Bush have a heart for the common man? I don’t think so. He let me down. Mitt Romney let me down.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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