Trump’s immigration chief: Don’t worry; upcoming ICE raids will be ‘compassionate’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a hot topic right now. People are questioning the humanity of the treatment of immigrants in their care at the border and elsewhere, and rightly so. However, Republicans everywhere, including USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli, are arguing that everything is just fine in the crowded facilities. He is also claiming that the incoming ICE raids on the homes of undocumented immigrants will be, quote, “compassionate.”

Cuccinelli appeared on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday, and insisted that the raids would be conducted by “compassionate, loyal agents.” First, Tapper reminded Cuccinelli of the racist rhetoric of President Donald Trump, who said that a Democratic Congresswoman who happens to be a person of color should go back where she came from. Tapper told Cuccinelli that this sort of language “feeds into the impression that the president is racist and pushing a racist agenda.”

“He’s running for president,” Cuccinelli said. “And you’re wrapping up his rhetoric for presidential race in with what is ICE’s every day job and that is enforcing the law Congress passed.”

“We have compassionate, loyal ICE agents who are just doing their job and it shows you how far we’ve fallen in that it has become news that they would actually go deport people who have removal orders,” he added.

Cuccinelli also declined to say whether or not the aforementioned raids by ICE on the homes of undocumented immigrants were already underway. He instead chose to say, “I can’t speak to operational specifics and won’t.”.

Watch the full segment below, via CNN:

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