Two friends recreated a picture taken before a Taliban massacre at their school

When atrocities are committed in predominantly Muslim countries, Westerners tend to ignore the humanity behind these events as just another blowup in a global jihadist insurgency.

But the recent massacre in a Peshawar school by the Taliban seemed to strike an international chord, mostly because the attackers consciously targeted children.

This was the first week the school was in session after the massacre, and a heart-wrenching photo posted to Facebook by one of the students is getting a lot of attention. Talha Munir Paracha shared a before-and-after image of him and his friends. Tragically, only two remain in the after photo.

peshwar school 2

In the second photo, two of his friends, Rafiq Bangash (second left) and Mohammad Yassen (far right) are missing, having lost their lives in the attack. Only his friend Hassan Javad Khan remained.

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